Coffee Tortufo….10
Cappuccino gelato with an espresso center, and covered with coffee-flavored meringue

Skillet Chocolate Chip Cookie a la Mode….10
Baked, topped with french vanilla ice cream

Coconut Banana Cake….9
Caramelized coconut & brown sugar topping, warmed, with vanilla bean ice cream

Molten Chocolate Cake….9
Dark chocolate truffle center, with vanilla bean ice cream

Matcha Green Tea Cheesecake….10
Fresh seasonal berries and whipped cream

Lady fingers soaked in espresso, brandy & kahlua, mascarpone cheese, chocolate

Creme Brulee….9
Perfectly caramelized with fresh berries

Belgian Raspberry Crepes….10
Traditional crepes, filled with raspberry jam, flamed with turbinado sugar, served with vanilla ice cream and finished with chocolate syrup

Fresh Peach Cobbler….10
With vanilla ice cream and chocolate drizzle

Ice Cream Trio….9
Raspberry, hazelnut, dulce de leche

Cheese Plate….14
Imported & domestic cheeses, walnuts and crisp pear slices, berries